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Welcome to Big Easy Sod, your trusted partner in achieving the perfect outdoor space in New Orleans. We are not just a Sod company, but we are committed to adding value to your properties by offering comprehensive sod services. Our team specializes in providing high-quality, resilient, and lush SOD that transforms your landscape into a green paradise.

At Big Easy Sod, we offer a variety of grass types suitable for the unique New Orleans climate. From Bermuda grass, St. Augustine to Zoysia and more, our expert team will guide you in selecting the right grass for your soil type, shade level, and maintenance needs.

We understand that the choice of grass is just the first step, so we also provide professional installation and follow-up care services to ensure your new sod thrives.

Experience the Big Easy Sod difference today and let us transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful, sustainable landscapes. Contact us now for a free consultation and bring your vision to life with Big Easy SOD.

Our Mission

Our mission at Big Easy Sod is simple, yet profound: to revolutionize outdoor spaces in New Orleans, one patch of green at a time. We aim to become the most trusted and recognized provider of sod services in the region, bolstered by our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

As a part of the New Orleans community, we understand the unique climatic challenges our clients face. We are dedicated to offering a variety of grass types, tailored to thrive in our diverse local conditions. Our goal is to help property owners—from homes to businesses—achieve lush, green landscapes that not only enhance curb appeal but also promote environmental health.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at delivering quality sod. We believe in fostering lasting relationships with our clients through exceptional service and ongoing support, ensuring their landscapes remain vibrant and thriving for years.

At Big Easy Sod, we strive to not just create beautiful landscapes but also educate our customers on sustainable lawn care practices. We believe this is the best way to make a lasting, positive impact on our beloved city of New Orleans.

50+ Team Members

161+ Projects Completed

200 Client Satisfaction

Our Process
Initial Consultation

During the consultation, our experienced landscaping contractors will assess your property and listen to your ideas and goals for the project. We’ll then provide you with a detailed plan of action and a timeline for completion.

Planning & Designs

Our team will create a detailed plan for your landscape project, taking into account the size and shape of your property, as well as any special features you’d like to include. We’ll also provide you with 3D renderings so that you can visualize the finished product.


Our experienced landscaping contractors will install all elements of your project, from hardscapes to plants and trees. We’ll also ensure that all safety and building codes are met.

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