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Welcome to Big Easy Sod, your premier sod installation company in Metairie, LA. If you’re looking to enhance the beauty of your lawn with lush, green grass, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch sod installation services that will transform your outdoor space. From choosing the right grass type to ensuring a seamless installation process, we have you covered.

Discover why Big Easy Sod is the go-to choice for all your sod installation needs.

Best Time for Sod Installation:

Timing plays a crucial role in the success of your sod installation. The best time for sod installation in Metairie, LA, is during the spring or fall seasons.

These seasons provide the ideal climate for the sod to establish strong roots before the extreme temperatures of summer or winter. By installing sod during these periods, you give your grass the best chance to thrive.

How Much Does Sod Installation Cost:

Sod installation costs can vary depending on several factors, including the size of your lawn, the type of grass you choose, and any additional services required.

On average, the cost of sod installation in Metairie, LA, ranges from $1 to $2 per square foot.

It’s important to consult with our team at Big Easy Sod to get an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose Big Easy Sod

  • Expertise: Our team consists of skilled professionals with years of experience in sod installation. We ensure precision and attention to detail in every project we undertake.
  • Quality Products: At Big Easy Sod, we source high-quality sod from trusted suppliers, ensuring that you receive top-grade grass that will thrive in the Metairie, LA climate.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional service from the initial consultation to the final installation.
  • Efficient Installation: Our team is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to complete the sod installation efficiently, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine.

Types of Grass Available

  • St. Augustine Grass Sod: St. Augustine grass is a popular choice for its lush, green appearance and ability to tolerate shade. It thrives in the warm and humid climate of Metairie, LA, making it an excellent option for homeowners seeking a vibrant lawn.
  • Zoysia Grass Sod: Zoysia grass is known for its resilience and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. It boasts a dense and lush texture, providing a visually appealing lawn that can withstand the demands of an active lifestyle.
  • Bermuda Grass Sod: Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that excels in hot and sunny conditions. It exhibits excellent drought tolerance and rapid growth, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a low-maintenance lawn.
  • Centipede Grass Sod: Centipede grass is known for its low-maintenance requirements and adaptability to various soil types. It boasts a medium texture and displays good resistance to pests and diseases, making it a popular choice for homeowners in Metairie, LA.

Services Offered by Big Easy Sod:

  • Sod Installation: Our skilled team will handle the entire sod installation process, ensuring a seamless and efficient transformation of your lawn.
  • Sod Selection: We will guide you in choosing the right grass type that suits your specific requirements and the environmental conditions of Metairie, LA.
  • Site Preparation: Our experts will prepare your lawn by removing existing vegetation, grading the surface, and ensuring proper soil preparation for optimal sod establishment.
  • Post-Installation Care: We provide guidance on how to care for your newly installed sod, including watering, mowing, and fertilization tips to ensure its long-term health.

Trust Big Easy Sod for Expert Sod Installation in Metairie, LA

Transforming your lawn with lush, green sod is made easy with Big Easy Sod, your trusted sod installation company in Metairie, LA.

With our expertise, high-quality products, and excellent customer service, we guarantee a seamless experience from start to finish.

Choose from a range of grass types, including St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede, and let our team create the lawn of your dreams.

Contact Big Easy Sod today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a stunning, vibrant lawn.

All About Metairie, LA

  • Metairie is a suburb located in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, United States.
  • It is situated on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain, adjacent to the city of New Orleans.
  • Metairie is the largest unincorporated community in the state of Louisiana.
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  • Metairie is known for its vibrant Mardi Gras celebrations, with parades and parties that attract both locals and visitors.
  • The community is home to a significant Vietnamese population, and the area known as “Little Vietnam” offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine and cultural experiences.
  • Metairie has a diverse culinary scene, with a variety of restaurants specializing in Cajun, Creole, and seafood dishes.
  • The area experienced significant growth and development in the 20th century, becoming a thriving suburban area with numerous residential and commercial areas.
  • Explore Lafreniere Park, a 155-acre park with walking trails, playgrounds, a lake, and picnic areas.
  • Visit the Lakeside Shopping Center, a premier shopping destination with a wide range of stores and restaurants.
  • Enjoy live performances and events at the Jefferson Performing Arts Center.
  • Play golf at one of the area’s golf courses, such as the Metairie Country Club or the Bayou Oaks at City Park.
  • Experience the Mardi Gras season by attending parades and festivities in Metairie.
  • Metairie is served by the Jefferson Transit (JeT) bus system, which provides public transportation within Jefferson Parish and connects to neighboring areas, including downtown New Orleans.
  • The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) also operates bus routes that serve Metairie, providing connections to other parts of the Greater New Orleans area.
  • Additionally, Metairie is accessible by the New Orleans streetcar system, with the Canal Streetcar line extending into the area, offering convenient transportation options for residents and visitors.
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